Thursday, May 28, 2009

Easter...yes, we're REALLY behind...

The night before Easter we decorated eggs as a family. The kids had a blast although they weren't pleased that I made them wear their halloween pj's in case they got dyed.
The kids were super happy to find their Easter baskets early the next morning and that the Easter bunny had hidden all their decorated eggs. I'm sure the primary leaders were thrilled that our kids had Peeps for breakfast.

The fruits of our labors. Andrew and I actually had a pretty good time too...and dyed the majority of the eggs.Last year we couldn't figure out why Nate kept saying "The Easter Bunny is REALLY tricky." It wasn't until we bought some trix yogurt with the bunny featured on the packaging several months later that we figured it out. Now we know why... Trix really ARE for kids.

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