Monday, October 26, 2009

Reading Nook Re-Do

While Andrew is away, Julie will PLAY... or redecorate, that is! Normally when Andrew goes out of town, I plan a project to keep myself busy so I don't miss him too much. I usually paint. (remember the RED family room, or the GREEN kids room??) Well, Andrew left on a business trip last night and I'm just too tired to paint. So what to do???

Our "reading nook" usually looks like this:

Or better yet, like THIS:

After a trip to the home improvement store with Emma, 20 minutes with a drill, level, and screwdriver, it now looks like THIS:

Ta Dah!!!

You'll never guess what material I used...RAIN GUTTERS!!!

I LOVE IT!!! Hopefully it will keep our books off the floor. And really, it only took me 20 minutes!!! So I guess I'll need to find another project for the remaining days he's gone... any ideas?

I got my inspiration and instructions here.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

61...Make That... 54 More Days

The kids found Andrew's stapler today and wanted to staple something...anything.

For the past few days I thought it would be fun to make a baby countdown chain. Thanks to my Dear Doctor for setting an induction date, I know I only have 54 days left!!! That's right folks! I will be induced on Monday, Dec. 7th...if all goes according to plan.

For those of you disgusted by me and my LOVE of modern medicine right now, rest assured knowing that both Nate and Emma came more than 1 week early (which is my induction date) (Nate, 14 days early, Emma, 10)... so chances are this baby will come NATURALLY anyhow. But at least I can pretend I'm cutting it short especially since I'm already looking full term...hence, no pics of me. I think this chain MIGHT wrap around my belly once,
but maybe not... just kidding... I'm not THAT big, although when someone asked me my due date 2 weeks ago, they then followed up with, ARE YOU HAVING TWINS???