Monday, October 26, 2009

Reading Nook Re-Do

While Andrew is away, Julie will PLAY... or redecorate, that is! Normally when Andrew goes out of town, I plan a project to keep myself busy so I don't miss him too much. I usually paint. (remember the RED family room, or the GREEN kids room??) Well, Andrew left on a business trip last night and I'm just too tired to paint. So what to do???

Our "reading nook" usually looks like this:

Or better yet, like THIS:

After a trip to the home improvement store with Emma, 20 minutes with a drill, level, and screwdriver, it now looks like THIS:

Ta Dah!!!

You'll never guess what material I used...RAIN GUTTERS!!!

I LOVE IT!!! Hopefully it will keep our books off the floor. And really, it only took me 20 minutes!!! So I guess I'll need to find another project for the remaining days he's gone... any ideas?

I got my inspiration and instructions here.


  1. That is awesome, Julie! I really like it!

  2. I LOVE that! I may have to copy you!!

  3. Look at you... being all creative again. What a cute idea. I saw this blog where a friend made a little girls dress out of a mans dress shirt. It turned out so cute. Or you could make headbands for Emma... same blog. Just and idea.

  4. that is incredible! pure! I love that it looks so classy and is still so functional . . . and at kid height!!! way to go, Julie! loves!