Friday, March 18, 2011

Nate don't like hicks, y'all

Whenever Andrew and Emma go grocery shopping we come home with "new and exciting" things that "mom" doesn't allow (or give in to.) One of their more recent shopping trips led to some interesting conversations during the week.

Nate came home from school on Monday and exclaimed, "MOM. I DO NOT like hicks!" Confused, I gave a "huh?" He repeated, "MOM. I DO NOT like hicks!" We live in the south so my first assumption was that Nate was being rude about the locals, so I was gearing up to give him a lecture about manners. He expounded, "You know, that drink you put in my lunch... I DO NOT LIKE IT!!"

Fast forward.

Later that day I was telling a friend about this conversation and I could tell she was having an "aHA! moment." "So THAT'S what Emma was talking about today!" Again, I gave a "huh?" She went on to explain that during the car ride home from preschool Emma was really excited because she had a "KFC" drink in her snack today.

The culprit: Hi-C.

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