Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Southport Ferry

Last Monday the kids and I took the ferry from Southport to Wilmington so we could visit the NC aquarium.
Nate and Emma were a little nervous to get out of the car, but soon enough, they were loving it. It was a quick 35 min ride to Fort Fisher in Wilmington. We saw lots of cool animals such as this albino alligator. I kid you not, it really is an albino alligator. They have to keep it in the shade so its skin doesn't burn...no joke.

Emma was brave enough to "tickle" some rays and horseshoe crabs.

My favorite part (which we couldn't get good pictures of) was when 2 divers entered the shark tank and gave a little program. One of the divers had a microphone in his mask so we could hear what he was saying. He taught us all about the sea life here in the Atlantic and gave us tips for not becoming shark bait. The kids got to give the other diver a "high five" through the 8 in thick glass while he was wiping the windows. It was great.
For anyone who comes to visit, we will FOR SURE have to take you for a ferry ride to the aquarium.


  1. Awesome photo blog. You can see the excitement on the faces of these awesome, precocious, handsome grandchildren! I love ferries and aquariums too! -Grandpa Hansen

  2. Emma looks so grown up! I can't believe how time flies....