Thursday, February 18, 2010

Snow at the Beach

This Christmas the kids kept asking when it was going to know, just like in all the movies. We had to keep telling them that now that we live at the beach it won't snow at our house. (Although, in reality we've never lived anywhere where snow at Christmas is normal.)
Anyhow, the weekend made liars out of us. We got a few inches of snow Friday night and it was perfect...just enough to play in, and then melt by midday. Here are some pics of the fun we had.

Of course we had to have a snow ball fight. It wasn't long before Nate yelled out "Boys versus Girls!" and they got me pretty good while I tried to take pictures.
Andrew had to demonstrate how this was the perfect type of snow for snowballs!
And it wouldn't be a snow day without snow angels.

Emma said she wanted to play in the snow longer (since Andrew and I were worn out and going in) ONLY if she could have some hot cocoa first. Of course, we obliged.

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  1. Your house is GORGEOUS, Julie! : ) Wish we were closer so we could play more!