Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Recipe for "The Best Dinner EVER"

Sunday night the kids and I were on our own for dinner. We were all out of chicken nuggets and fish sticks (our normal "dadless dinner" choices)...what to do, what to do? Aha! Pancakes!

I know this isn't a new idea...we grew up doing this all the time. Breakfast for dinner was so fun and such a treat. Why hadn't I thought of it for my own kids???

Needless to say the kids were THRILLED!! I couldn't help but laugh inside each time a compliment was made such as, "MOM I LOVE THIS DINNER" or "This is SO YUMMY!" or "We should have this dinner EVERY NIGHT" like I had just mastered rocket science or something. If only they knew how easy it was. If only they knew my desire for simplicity and speed. If only they knew how OFTEN they will be having pancakes for dinner in the future! Ha ha.

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