Wednesday, January 27, 2010

QQ 1/27/09

I'm hesitant to even share this since it reveals what a great mom I am and how often we eat out, but it was so funny I will put off my pride for two seconds...

Today Emma and I were playing "restaurant" as she calls it. I was the customer and she was the waitress. She would ask me what I wanted, then leave the room, and return with my pretend order. This went on for several rounds and I would order different foods and drinks. At one point I couldn't think of anything to order so I asked her for a suggestion. This is how it played out:

(Emma) What would you like? (Julie) I don't know. What do you think? (Emma) How about a bacon egg and cheese biscuit?

[This is only funny because this is something Emma and I would sneak and get after my prenatal appointments. I usually cannot stomach fast food breakfast. But there is something to be said for those bacon egg and cheese biscuits from Hardees.]

So it continues:

(Emma) What would you like? (Julie) How about a burrito? (Emma) MOM--this is HARDEES, NOT TACO BELL!!!


  1. Hmmm. Tell her I want a snack wrap. See if she knows that one.

  2. mmmm....biscuits.

    Brandon is SOO cute! miss you guys!