Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Craft Closet Cleanout 2010

While Andrew is away for a few days I am trying to clean out my crafting closet by completing as many unfinished projects as possible. (And so I can actually find the floor in there.)
So far, 2 down, a gajillion to go. I'll keep you posted on the progress.

Here are a few pics of what I've done so far...

This is my Valentines Day garland inspired by this blog: Made by Rae. So fun and easy. I was able to use left over red felt from Nate's cape. Now I actually have SOMETHING Valentiny !! Yea!!
I also hung one in the kitchen, but its harder to see because of the lighting this time of day.
I still have a bunch of felt scraps left over and think I might need to make more for random places around the house or maybe to give to some of our Valentines! Hmm...

Emma's new comforter (I've had the fabric and batting since 11/08!) Wish I hadn't procrastinated for so long considering the small amount of time it took me to actually complete coupled with the fact that a whole year+ has gone by and she won't even be in the toddler sized bed for too much longer...maybe another year??? It is also reversible and I love the flowery fabric on the back as much as the striped front. We will have fun flipping it over and over.
click on this to enlarge so you can see how CUTE the fabric is!!! Anyone know how to rotate this?

As long as we're in Emma's room...
I finished this letter mirror redo a few months ago but didn't hang them til my mom was here to help with Brandon. She helped me make...okay... she made the bows while I watched. I think they turned out great! Thanks mom.

Stay tuned for more projects...on my list:
  • Little girl's dress from dad's dress shirts (I have a pile of 10+ of Andrew's old shirts)
  • monkey pj's for the kids from fabric purchased 11/08
  • snuggies for kids and one lucky friend
  • Market skirts for Emma and one lucky cousin
  • puppet curtain for Emma that Santa was supposed to bring but didn't finish in time...Bad Santa
  • stocking for Brandon
  • etc...this list could go on and on and on... How many do you think I can finish before Andrew gets home?...just stay tuned.


  1. I am amazed! These are all so cute! Wish I lived closer so I could learn to be crafty from you.(=

  2. Love, Love, Love ALL the craftiness!! Keep up the good work. I'm so going to make some Valentine's garlands. I have felt coming out my ears (my grandma sent me her garage full of crap!). Thanks for the idea.

  3. i really like all your crafts...way to be productive!!! i really like the EMMA mirrors......

  4. love it! that comforter is amazing you'll have to let me in on the secret of how you made it!

  5. I love that fabric. Everything is so cute. I want to craft with you!! I have a long craft list like yours but I never seem to get anything done. So many ideas and not enough time.

  6. ooo--I want the pattern for the girl's dress from Dad's shirts--how clever! Your projects all sound so fun . . . can't wait to see more! (of course, after the sanity--that should come first!) : )