Sunday, October 17, 2010


Emma was banned from chewing gum after I found it 1. on the stairs 2. on a laundry basket handle and 3. (which was the ULTIMATE offense) in the clothes dryer. All over the clean load of laundry. I told her she couldn't have gum for at least a year. Then I proceeded to tell my good friend Felicia of this new rule since she often provided the good to said offender. There was NO WAY Emma was going to get gum.

Until today.

When she was super nice and did mommy a big favor. (of bringing me my shoes. I know. It really wasn't THAT big, but she was so cute about it and had such a sweet disposition.)

She was thrilled that I caved. When I handed her a stick of juicy fruit I held it in my hand and asked her where gum goes when you are through with it.

Her response, "The trash. NOT under mom's bed."

Hmmm... guess I'm going to go search under my bed now.

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