Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Last First Day of School post...I promise

In my never ending (and impossible) attempt at being the "perfect mom" I had the great idea to have Nate return home from his first day of school to freshly baked homemade cookies. Unfortunately, I also jam packed my day full of things I was looking forward to getting done, "with only one child." Emma and I were out and about all day and never had time to step foot in the door, much less bond over our idealistic cookie making. Add to that the fact that I realized I have no kitchen aid (my go to machine for cookies) much less a hand mixer in this furnished apartment, so there was no chance of real home baking because I will be the first to admit I'm too modern (or stubborn, or spoiled) for hand mixing! So instead, we bought these delicious pink sprinkled sugar cookies and devoured them with milk and a side order of conversation of how the big first day went. All in all we were all pleased.
So I may never win an award as mother of the year, but don't you just love those so-not-good-for-you pink pretties?? I do.


  1. FYI, you can still win mom of the year with store bought cookies. The fact that you thought of cookies and milk on the first day is good enough. Those do look yummy.

  2. You have very high standards for MOY! You had cookies and milk available! If you had made cookies all day, you would have been tired when he got home. You had the most important thing of all, conversation! Conversation now means conversation in 10 years, even if Nate's side of the conversation is,"Oh Mom!!!", accented with some eye rolling. "Oh, Mom" is code for "I love you, but I don't want anyone else to know it."
    I seem to remember a mom who makes green pancakes on St. Patrick's Day
    Love to N.C. MOY Award-Winner,

  3. Oh those cookies will one day be the death of me! They are so good!! If I got home from school and Kev had those ready for me I would cry tears of joy.

  4. I was first introduced to those cookies at BYU... and I still think they are very tasty. I agree with your sister though.... the fact that you even thought about cookies and milk on the first day is AWESOME. I love the secret soda pop drinking from Emma. That's hilarious.