Monday, August 31, 2009

All Apologies

When I wrote my last post, in my mind, it was pretty funny.

Unfortunately I think I made some of you cry along with me.

So sorry for this.

I really just thought my reaction was completely ridiculous and could only be explained by a surge of pregnancy hormones. Really, who does that?

Anyhow, Nate had a good first day at school with some ups and downs: He loved playing outside, but he didn't get a turn on the swings. He liked going to lunch, but spilled yogurt on his shirt and was told he had to learn to open all of his own lunch treats (which he CAN do, but doesn't THINK he can). He learned a new song, but did NOT want to say the pledge. He is so funny. He really liked the story and accompanying art project they worked on, but he hated putting his head on his desk for quiet time. All in all I think he gave me a pretty good report on the first day, but has made funny comments like, "I liked school, but I'm never going back." Or last night in bed, "I'm not going back to Kindergarten. I'm going to go to 2nd grade with the 6 year olds." Again, so funny. I love that little guy.

Lastly, I'm happy to report we walked him to his class this morning and we were all smiles. No breakdowns in the car afterwords, much to Emma's satisfaction.

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