Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Pregnant Moms Should Be Banned From School

So today was Nate's first day of kindergarten. (If you haven't seen below, take a look at the last post for some cute pics) All was going well. I got up early. Got ready. Made a fabulous breakfast. Helped Nate get ready. Made sure I didn't leave anything behind for my day's unusually busy schedule. And we were off.

We made it to school with plenty of time to walk Nate in and get him settled. We were in his classroom for about 5 minutes. I was proud of how I was handling this whole situation. In my mind I was thinking, "This isn't so hard." Nate quietly took his seat and I turned to confirm with his teacher the time I was to return to pick him up. As she was answering my question I felt it start.

Tiny tears were filling my eyes.

Still, I was strong.

I WILL NOT CRY in front of my child. I WILL NOT!

I crouched down and whispered to Nate that I love him and I knew he would have a good day and I would see him later.

The tiny tears were invisible to him. My voice was steady.


I grabbed Emma's hand and we walked out of Nate's class. Emma was upset because she didn't say goodbye. From the hallway she yelled, "Bye Nate!" He turned around in his chair, gave us a big smile,and waved happily to his sister. And it got worse.

The tiny tears became HUGE TEARS.

I now had to navigate out of the school without letting those HUGE TEARS come out of my eyes.


Luckily no small children walked in front of me, because my vision was so blurred by the HUGE TEARS that I would have run them down.


Thank goodness for the carpool crossing guard who guided us safely across the school drive way or I would not have seen a car coming thanks to those HUGE TEARS.

We made it to the car and I quickly strapped Emma in, returned to my seat and closed the door.



Uncontrollably, like a huge catastrophe had just befallen us, like a loved one had just passed on unexpectedly, like every bone had shattered in my body. I was full on sobbing in the car.

Poor Emma in the backseat was trying to console me and was questioning my emotions. And to be honest, I really don't know what overcame me. All I can say is, pregnant moms shouldn't be allowed to take their firstborn child to his first day of kindergarten!


  1. Oh Julie... I'm so sorry you had to take Nate to school while pregnant. I'm always a mess when I'm pregnant as well. I am already so sad and scared for Averie's first day. But she still has a year before Kindergarten. Nate looks adorable and I love the old pictures of you and Andrew. Classic! I love the breakfast pictures too. Now I want some french toast!

  2. Awww, Julie... you made me almost cry reading that! I am so glad that Nate had a fabulous first day of school :)

  3. i SO feel your pain. i did the same thing when i dropped both my girls off at daycare when i went back to work. the worst day of my life EVER!